Recipe for Karaage

for 2-3person
700g chicken thigh, [seasonings: 1tbsp rice wine, 1tbsp sweet rice wine, 2tbsp water, 1.5tbsp soy sauce, 1tsp salt, a clove of garlic, 10g ginger], 5tbsp soft-wheat flour, 4tbsp potato starch, oil, lemom

How to make

  1. Cut chicken thigh into chunks. Grate garlic and ginger.
  2. Put the chicken and seasonings in a bowl and knead with a hand.
  3. Put flour into the bowl and mix briefly.
  4. Put potato starch into the bowl and mix briefly.
  5. Pour oil to a pan until the depth of 1cm and put chicken in it.
  6. Put the pan on middle-high heat. Turn over the chicken when they turn light brown.
  7. Deep fry until golden brown, then pour oil on the chicken with ladle to make the surface crispy.
  8. Take chicken out of oil and serve it with a slice of lemon.

Ideas for replacement of ingredients

・rice wine→white wine

・sweet rice wine→rice wine (or white wine) +sugar or honey