Recipe for Tempura


for 2-3person
4 prawns, 2 slices of lotus root, 2 slices of pumpkin, maitake mushroom, Japanese basil, soft-wheat flour, canola oil, salt, [batter: 1/2 egg, 150ml cold water, 80g soft-wheat flour], [sauce: 200ml Japanese soup stock, 40ml soy sauce, 40ml sweet rice wine], Japanese white radish, ginger

How to make

  1. Remove shells from prawns except prawn tails and remove back veins. Wash prawns in 1.5% salt water. Make 4-5 cuts in ventral side of prawns to straighten them.
  2. Dust the prawns, lotus root, pumpkin, maitake mushroom and Japanese basil (only one side) with flour.
  3. Make the sauce. Put ingredients of sauce in a pot and bring it to a boil. Put the sauce in a small bowl with grated radish and grated ginger.
  4. Make the batter. Beat an egg and mix with cold water in a bowl. Add shifted flour and mix them by beating (don’t stir around) with a whisk.
  5. Dip prawns and vegetables in the batter.
  6. Fly them in a 170℃ oil until the bubbles from fried foods become smaller.
  7. Serve them and eat dipping them in the sauce.

Ideas for replacement of ingredients

・Ingredients suitable for Tempura→eggplant, green pepper, sweet potato, burdock, carrot, chicken, squid