How to make Japanese Udon noodles

Hi! This is Mayu from Japan.
I’m going to introduce recipe of Japanese home-made cookings in detail in order for you to repricant them in your country.

Today, I will introduce “Udon” !!
Udon is Japanese popular noodles made from flour. It tasts good whether hot or cold.
We eat it with soup made from Japanese soup stock and soysauce.
At home, we usually use Udon noodles in dried forms, frozen forms or fresh noodles sold in supermarkets. But, you can also make Udon noodles from flour, salt and water!
I will tell you how to make it!

hand-made Udon

Ingredients for 2-3person

300g all-purpose flour, 17g salt*, 133ml water* , potato starch, [soup:10g bonito flakes, 10g kelp, 1.5tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp sweet rice wine,1/3tsp salt, 1tsp sugar]

*The appropriate concentration of brine varies depending on the season. The colder the temperature is and the higher the concentration of brine is, Udon become harder. This table is the standard amount of salt and water for each season.

season flour (g) salt (g) water (g)
spring, fall 300 17 133
summer 300 19 131
winter 300 15 135

Cooking utensils

big bowl, kitchen scale, measuring cup, thick plastic bag or plastic sheet, rolling pin, cutting board, kitchen knife, big pot, sieve

cooking utensils

How to make

1. Prepare for Japanese soup stock. Put kelp in 1l hot water of 60degrees. Leave it for more than 30minutes.

kelp in water

2. Make Udon noodles. Dissolve salt in water. Sift all-purpose flour with a sieve, put it in a big bowl and pour half amount of brine evenly. Immediately, mix them with fingers. Add the rest brine little by little and mix them well each time. Stop mixing if the flour becomes crumbly and turn yellow.
This is the most important process in Udon making!
Mix quickly to spread water all over the flour evenly.

flour becomes crumbly

3. Gather the crumbles together, put it in a plastic bag and leave it for 10 minutes.

4. Step on the dough and spread it to 5mm thickness. Take the dough out of the plastic bag, roll it into a ball and put it in the plastic bag again.

step the dough
roll the dough

5. Repeat process 4. two or three times.

6. After the last step-on process, roll the dough again and firm up tightly. Leave the dough for 1-2 hour in the plastic bag.

7. While the resting time, make Udon soup. Put kelp and water in a pot, and put it on low heat. Take the kelp out of the pot just before boiling. Put bonito flakes in the pot, boil it for 3-4 minutes, and take bonito flakes out of the pot with small sieve or filter out bonito flakes with a paper towel. [ This is Japanese soup stock ]. Leave 600ml of soup stock in the pot, add seasonings and bring to a boil again.

8. Stretch the dough. Sprinkle potato starch on work top and put the dough. Roll out the dough about 40cm square with a rolling pin.

stretch the dough

9. Sprinkle potato starch on the dough and fold it in three. Cut the dough to 3mm thickness noodles.

cut the dough

10. Boil the noodles about 15minutes in generous quantity of hot water in a big pot.

11. Take the noodles out of pot with a strainer, put them in water and wash it softly.

12. Heat Udon soup and pour it in a bowl. Put noodles in the soup.

Udon and soup

Ideas for replacement of ingredients

sweet rice wine →white wine +sugar or honey